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Continental Springing

A one day workshop in hand tie-ing springs the Continental way


Spend a day in the workshop learning how to spring traditional upholstered seats using the continental method. Hand tied springs the continental way looks complex compared to the British method – and indeed uses two lashing where in the UK we use just one – but is arguably far more manageable and much quicker to learn.

As TUS students definitely prefer this method, we’ve devised this short one day workshop to that you can add this useful technique to your set of upholstery skills. Students will work step by step through the process, learning how to web up the frame using 3in jute webbing and French tacks, how to effectively compress the springs with ease, and use the right combination of holding ties and clove hitches to keep them in place.

The hand built wooden frame, springs, sundries are all provided and hand tools are available for use on the day. Students will take home their own completed hand sprung frame which will be an ideal workshop reference tool. This course is suitable for novice and more advanced upholsterers.


Places are booked on first-come-first-served basis. Please read the terms page of the Traditional Upholstery School website.

Forthcoming dates

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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