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AMUSF course content

Studying for the AMUSF Upholstery Diploma is the best choice for students wishing to become a professional upholsterer. As Britain only trade-recognised upholstery qualification and provides a thorough training in all the practical skills of traditional and modern upholstery. 

Students start with the basics: core techniques such as traditional edge stitching and springing on exercise frames. By the end of the three-stage qualification they will be working on the advanced skills required for the most complex armchairs. 
Everywhere the AMUSF Upholstery Diploma is taught, students tackle it in three stages. Each stage involves around 210 hours of tuition and is a qualification in its own right. Students receive a certificate when they complete each stage. When you successfully finish Stage 3 you are awarded the full AMUSF Diploma (and we have a bit of a party at that point).

The AMUSF qualification is aimed at students planning to work in the industry at a high level. After some practice, Diploma holders should be competent enough to be able to set up their own upholstery business.

​Examples of some Traditional Upholstery School ex-students' onwards journeys have included restoration work for important historic homes, employment in larger upholstery firms, and setting up their own workrooms to take on reupholstery and restoration work. 

Find out what each stage entails:

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