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AMUSF accredited upholstery courses

Studying at the Traditional Upholstery School

We are very proud that the Traditional Upholstery School is one of only a handful of centres approved by the Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers.  We’re friendly, cheery, well-equipped, with plenty of free parking and with a lovely countryside location, our class sizes are small and our tutors are excellent: they are highly experienced, professional, friendly and supportive.

The AMUSF has been responsible for promoting and maintaining the skills and heritage of the British upholstery industry for more than 70 years. It has approved Joanna and the Traditional Upholstery School as a training centre for the AMUSF Diploma, recognised as the most comprehensive upholstery qualification in the UK. Find out more about the prestigious history of the AMUSF and its acclaimed training programme by visiting their website.

This is an expert course covering both traditional and modern techniques to a very high standard. It starts with the basics of upholstery, like drop-in seats and footstools, and eventually leads to learning complex skills like restoring an iron-framed armchair or a hand-tied sprung seat edge. 

The Traditional Upholstery School offers training one day a week across the academic year to allow you the fit the three stages of AMUSF training round other commitments. Note that this superb, nationally recognised professional training is very much in demand. 

​In addition to the formal training, Traditional Upholstery School students can join our upholstery-related tours and visits. These include memorable class outings to trade shows, exhibitions and professional workroom tours. Our students are also encouraged to take on work for friends and family at early stages in the courses to build their confidence.

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