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Advanced Foundation Course

Taking your upholstery skills to the next level

Traditional Upholstery School offers the next step of training for students who have already completed our Foundation Course, or AMUSF Stage One course, or at at a similar level. It is a formally-taught 12-week (one day a week) course on which students upholster a beautiful beech frame fireside chair with sprung seat and fully upholstered back.


As well as consolidating and developing skills such as hand springing and edge stitching, students will learn: project planning, making drawings and templates; continental hand springing; traditional hand stitched edge scrolls; and fitting a piped border. The course will run over 12 weeks.


The chair frrame and all the materials are included in the course fee.

Included in the course is a bespoke fireside chair frame, designed and built by craftspeople in Wiltshire especially for Traditional Upholstery School. It is modelled on a favourite Victorian fireside chair, is beautifully curvy and an ideal shape to learn on. Longer legs allow it to fit successfully with modern living. In addition to the chair frame, upholstery materials such as webbing, hair and springs are included in the course fees.


What is included? Course training and appropriate course notes; beech chair frame; upholstery materials and sundries; hand tools and equipment available for use in the workroom.

What you provide? 3m top fabric


This Foundation Plus course is independent of the AMUSF’s training courses and is unique to Traditional Upholstery School.


Booking information

When booking we ask you to pay a £400 deposit to secure your place. The remaining balance will be invoiced approximately 45 days before the start of the course. Please read our Terms before booking.

Forthcoming dates

"This is exactly the right course to bring you on from hobbyist beginner to intermediate level upholsterer and beyond"

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