Upholstery training... choose the right course for you

Professional training in upholstery

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​The Traditional Upholstery School is one of a handful of centres approved by the Association of Master Upholsters and Soft Furnishers to provide training toward its industry-leading qualification, the AMUSF Diploma. This professional-standard course is taught in three stages, each involving around 210 hours tuition, over one day for 35 weeks of the year. Both traditional and modern techniques are covered to a very high standard. Training starts with the basics of upholstery, like drop-in seats and footstools, and eventually leads to learning complex skills like restoring an iron-framed armchair or a hand-tied sprung seat edge. All our one-year courses are based around the terms of a normal school year, starting in the first week in September and running through to mid-July.

Workshops and leisure courses in upholstery

Traditional Upholstery School also offers its own range of independent leisure classes and introductory courses in upholstery, plus a range of advanced training courses in specific skills. 

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A superb introduction to both traditional and modern upholstery techniques, with students working on a traditional dining chair and a modern footstool. This course teaches useful transferrable skills and is an ideal first step into further upholstery training.

Suitable for beginners. 

12 WEEKS (one day a week)

This short course is designed to give students a strong grounding in some of the most useful skills in upholstery.  Covering both traditional and modern skills, it gives the serious hobbyist an opportunity to create a portfolio of beautiful pieces and acquire fully-transferable skills so that they can continue upholstering a wide range of bespoke pieces for their home. Enrolling for September 2021.

Suitable for beginners.

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One-day workshops giving students a taste of upholstery and a useful chunk of time to progress with a project. Taster day offers available for prospective AMUSF, and 12-week foundation course students.


An impressive and popular two-day workshop introducing the core skills of deep buttoning. Students make their own deep buttoned footstool to take home.

Suitable for beginners.

The Lampshade School... creative training in all disciplines

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Joanna Heptinstall offers training in all lampshade disciplines, including tailored, pleated and gathered shades, from beginner to advanced levels. These highly sought-after classes focus on creativity and high quality craftsmanship, and bring students from around the world.