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Create your own bespoke day of lampshade skills

One to one learning... just what you need


Even expert lampshade makers can get stuck on a particular technique, or find they need to fine tune certain skills. It could be that you need help working out how to make a very particular style of shade. If this sounds like you, a day of one-to-one learning with Joanna is the most suitable way to move forwards. 


To book a day with Joanna, please use the form below to send us an email. It would be very helpful if you could include the following information in your email:

  • Are you a hobbyist lampshade maker or a professional? If professional, which company are you from?

  • What skill level are you currently?

  • What skills are you hoping to learn, or improve on?

  • A brief explanation of what you aim to achieve, and which days would suit you best would also be very useful. Joanna will reply with suggested dates and a plan for your day.


Joanna offers one-to-one training for intermediate and advanced makers. She is also very happy to arrange one-to-one lampshade training for beginners and small groups too, and this would either be with herself or with one of Lampshade School’s expert tutors.

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