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Introduction to upholstery - a three day course

A three day course for beginners

​This skills-packed upholstery course is designed to introduce tools and core techniques to budding upholsterers. Training for three full days, students build up their understanding of upholstery techniques working on a vintage or antique drop-in dining chair, and a modern footstool with shallow buttoning. 


These projects cover two important modules in an upholsterer's repertoire: traditional upholstery with hair and hessian; and modern upholstery built with foam and equivalent materials. These skills will enable students to confidently carry on upholstering a wide range of furniture at home, from chairs to headboards and ottomans (ottomen?). The course also serves as an important first-step for students considering the professional upholstery diploma.

To find out more about what to expect on this three day course, please download the information pack below.

Forthcoming dates

"Thank you very much for an outstanding course. I have come away with a wealth of knowledge that will continue to help me to grow as an upholsterer"

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